5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Blogging to Increase Sales Inquiries

Everybody can blog these days. But what benefits does it bring to your online promotions? Actually, there’s a lot but here’s the Top 5  you might be interested to know.

But first,

What is Blogging

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Blog, from the combination of “web” and “log” is an article published in an online platform where a writer shares his/her views on certain subjects. A blog can cover any subject – from food to travel, photography to technology news, personal experiences – basically anything under the sun. This article in itself is a blog about Marketing.

Now, Blog Marketing is a strategy used by businesses to draw readers’ attention, to interact, and to educate. If you’re a safari company, for example, you can blog about:


Why you should visit Tanzania on your next holiday

Imagine someone is ready to book a tour and comes across your well-written blog or even someone just looking around for information on future holidays. In both instances, you just reached a potential client. Blogging makes it easier for your potential clients to find you by meeting them halfway.

That’s one good example of the many advantages blogging can do for your safari business. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be coming up with blog topics for your business now:


1.) Google, in particular, likes to find and rank new content!

Blogging keeps your site fresh with new topics that people might want to read. It is also a good opportunity to make use of the Keywords (KW) you want to rank for by including them in the articles you publish, which ultimately gives your SEO a boost. For example, if you are working to rank for the keywords “safari in Kenya, then you can curate articles within similar topics:

Costs of a Safari in Kenya

Top parks you must visit for your Safari in Kenya

Here’s why a Safari in Kenya should be on your travel bucket list!

So if your company is yet to rank for these prime keywords, blogging consistently on topics about “safari in Kenya” can help boost your site ranking on the search results, and that’s how people will get to find and know about your company!


2.) It will introduce your company to potential clients during the “Looking-around” stage

When you plan to visit a new destination, what’s the first thing you do? That’s right! You look around for information online and so do your future clients. They will Google stuff like, “Top places to visit in South Africa” or “Is it safe to visit Uganda?”

Africa is charming but let’s face it, it’s still lagging behind Europe or the US in terms of popularity as a travel destination. A lot of tourists still think that Africa is not safe and who else is in a better position to educate them and also be able to benefit when they actually come and visit? Yup! Tour operators, hotel owners, and the entire tourism industry in Africa. All these information are all in the back of your heads and just need to be written down and shared with the world!

People might not be going on a tour at that moment, but you will have just introduced your brand to them and hopefully reap the benefits later on.


3.) It allows you to showcase that you’re an expert hence, gain credibility, and the trust of potential clients

With a plethora of companies all offering the same tours, same hotels, at the same prices, how do you make your company stand out? A lot of ways but blogging is one of them.

People like to know who they’re doing business with. With a blog, you can prove you’re an expert, provide helpful tips and other valuable information, all of which assures your clients that you are trustworthy. If you publish a blog “Top activities in Serengeti”, not only will you help clients with their research but also give them the impression that you definitely know your products.


4.) It’s a great way to reach and advertise to your target market without over-selling

If you’re targeting the UK market, I suppose you’re not going to book a flight ticket and invite Brits to Africa, right? Unless you do it via a Trade-show, sure.

But what you can do at a much affordable cost is write an article say, Tanzania Safari Guide for travelers from the UK,and promote that post on Facebook. Make sure that within the blog are links to your relevant tours.

Facebook advertising platforms allow you to advertise by region and country. For a cost of around 10-50 USD, you can set it to show to users who have shown interest in African safari and wildlife,  and a lot more ways of filtering to ensure that your blog only gets shown to hundreds or thousands of relevant audiences.



5.) It will support your social media promotions

People will not share your Homepage link on Facebook but if you have an interesting or better yet, intriguing blog such as “East Africa vs. South Africa for a Safari“, then people might likely read and share it with friends on social media who are interested in the topic. They might not be going on a holiday right about now but this free exposure for your company can only bring you benefits later on.


This is a key thing! You should only publish blogs that people will read. Much like the mantra “If you have nothing better to say, then keep your mouth shut”.  Invest in a well-written blog with correct grammar and structure because a poorly written blog does not add value and worse, may just harm your reputation.

Search Google Trends for interesting topics, use keyword tools to see what people are searching for online. Ask yourself:

“What benefit will this blog give to my potential clients?”


Blogging will not get you instant bookings but it will help build your brand towards a relevant audience over time.

This is a key and measurable marketing strategy and way affordable than advertising in known platforms and online travel magazines. And if you have an awesome website with excellent reviews, you will definitely bag that inquiry. With the rise of technology, you can practically reach anyone in the world with your own marketing efforts but remember that this is a process. You cannot blog once and expect inquiries to come pouring. It takes time and consistency.

So if you are not yet taking advantage of blogging for your business, then you better get started.

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