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It started in Tanzania.

There was once a Marketing employee who got bored from her office job and decided to leave everything behind to travel the world. With a few hundred bucks, she went off to Africa on a solo-backpacking quest starting in Tanzania. Under the assumption that her foreign looks can gain the trust of many, she contacted travel operators within Tanzania and tried to market herself as a volunteer. She then found luck in Arusha through the kindness of one safari operator. Through this opportunity, she was able to put her skills to good use by helping promote the company while exposing herself to the rich culture of Africa.

After some time, she left to continue backpacking but made a good impression on her working ethics that she was asked to continue working on a virtual set-up. One client came after the other that it only made sense to make things official. Hence, Branded Africa was born.

This is the heart of every SEO campaign and this is where you should be investing the most. Our packages


the marketing employee who got bored
and traveled to Africa

Who are we Today

Today, we are a bunch of part-time workers and full-time travelers who believe that there is no such thing as Out-of-the-box Marketing.

Every industry calls for a unique marketing approach and every company has different needs. We acknowledge this diversity in carrying out our services.

Our skills and

  • We have years of experience and hold a Degree in Business Administration and Marketing Communication
  • Our Web developers, Graphic Artists and other skilled team members have a prove trace-record in their respective areas
  • We have Google Adwords Certification
  • We are travelers. We are exposed to the international market and therefore know the marketing approach to target your clients
  • We have been and still constantly travel to Africa to further our exposure in the industry
  • We hire writers from Africa and create content from our experience, Not(just) from Google research

Remore & Flexible

  • Our company is registered in Cypus but we are all full-time remote workers. SOme of us are living in Spain, Philippines, Denmark or traveling elsewhere plus we work with a bunch of freelancers from all over the world
  • We usually follow the schedule of our clients and are available Monday to Friday. We like to recharge in the weekends unless we need to attend to urgent matters
  • Our Team members thrive on trust, discipline, and passion. We invest in proper project management and collaboration software to perform our jobs well.
  • We have regular Skype meep up and trainings and discuss with our clients regularly.
  • When were not working, you can find us living life to the fullest!

“None of us is as smart
as all of us”

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