All-in Monthly Marketing Package

Starts at 899 USD/ month

Hire an entire Marketing Department
for your brand

African Safari companies target international clients from around the world where the main platform to reach them is through website, social media, etc…

With the rapidly changing digital world, online marketing can be a daunting and intimidating task especially if you don’t have the right experience – not to mention the plentiful tasks of owners and managers who need to ensure that the operations are working just as well.

Branded Africa was founded to help safari operators and companies handle the marketing load.

To build your online presence, SEO alone won’t work. Social Media alone won’t yield results. For long term results, the key is a holistic marketing approach

What are we exactly?

Every company usually has its own Marketing in charge of promoting your brand, products and services. So instead of hiring 1 full-time Marketing Officer who can only do so much, you hire us instead- a team of individuals with specialised skills in Marketing for almost the same price (or lower) than an employee’s monthly salary



Our all-in monthly marketing package starts at 899 USD/month per brand. This price is only a guideline. We would need to evaluate the current state of you brand, website, and product offerings among many others in order to give you a more accurate quotation.

  • Minimum 6 months contract. Why ?
  • We give discounts for campanies with multiple brands of the same industry

What we do for your brand
each month?

Content Management

Produce Regular Content such as blogs and send newsletters to an existing database

Optimize and Widen Sales Platforms

Sign up and upload tours in relevant platforms to increase audience reach

Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization of your website and all new contents to be added. Off-page optimization such as Link-building Site Audit for efficient site navigation, structure, speed, and function

Website Health Monitoring

Constantly checking your website for 404s; Ensuring the contact form works; Reevaluating of site navigation, design, mode of writing; Checking of overall quality

Social Media Management

Optimization and/or creation of the major social media profiles; Posting content from text and visuals based on season, trends, and sales objectives. We aim to increase your exposure, followers, likes, and engagements

Admin and Ad Hocs

We are your marketing partner and would be happy to assist whenever you need us. From recommendations of events to join, to helping you find a supplier for your needs, we are just one email and WhatsApp away

Brand Management

Help to gain more exposure for the brand through reviews and proper presentation of company image in events, brand profiles, sales platforms, etc.

Search Engine Marketing

We can create and manage your Google Ads, Advertising budget is not included in this package

Inclusions and Exclusions

We handle all the legwork of marketing. All sales-related issues will be handled by your team. All tasks that require a 3rd party resource will be coordinated through us but the actual cost will be on you.

What is included in the price?

Assignment of your Marketing Officer in-charge a.k.a “Brand Ranger”
Overall brand strategy from brand positioning to determining products and keyword focus
Regular content such as blog articles. The exact quantity and deliverables will be agreed upon
SEO related tasks such as content optimization of existing content, link-building and site audits
Posting and managing of your major social media accounts
Create and optimize profile description for your brand
Periodic website health checking
Regular website back-ups
Create and manage Google Ads
Advertising allocation for some promotions based on our discretion
Signing up and optimization of sales platforms
Set up of google analytics
Set up of Search Console
Set up of Google Business
Sign up in Trip Advisor

What is Not included in the price?


Creation of tours
All photos
Server, domain, and other IT related concerns
Advertising budget (Google Ads, Additional ad spend for social media, etc..)
Actual handling of any sales-inquiries, complaints, and client feedback
Handling and management of sales inquiries from sales platforms
For accommodation properties, handling and managing of inventories such as Agoda, Expedia, etc…
Cost for extra job orders such as tasks that require a 3rd party resource like web designer and web developer (i.e: adding new pages; Creating brochures).

How we do what we do

We have a team that specializes in the things they are good at from writers, to designers, and Brand Rangers. We are in constant communication with our clients to align our goals, we turn this goal into milestones and collaborate and thrive on teamwork to find solutions. There is no one leader in Branded Africa, it’s all of us together that allows us to do what we need to do.

From making progress to getting inquiries

What growth can we expect?

We give transparent monthly reports that details the progress of your brand such as website organic traffic and the keywords you are building on. We can see where the clicks came from among other factors. This will give you the facts you need to measure if our efforts are worthwhile.

Can you guarantee inquiries?

In the long-term, yes. Unfortunately it can take several months to a year to see results unless we do Search Marketing (Google Ads) especially if the destination is competitive. Results are usually better and faster in a less competitive arena such as Ethiopia versus a saturated one like Tanzania as an example.

Our Marketing Strategy won’t work without you.
For your brand to grow, you need to work together with us in achieving your goals.

Responsible Marketing

We take time to get to know our clients and the goals for their business. We don’t practice hard-sell marketing. Our aim is to inform consumers about your products and in that truth, convince them of the value you will add in their experience. With this, we only work with reputable clients who share our principles.


What if I can’t afford this monthly cost?

If you have someone in your team who can help out with your marketing or if you can do some of the work yourself, perhaps we can assist by providing your content or help only in the social media aspect. With this, you only pay for each article you need or for every page that needs content.

We also offer consultancy services through a Skype call where we give our recommendations and you do the implementations.

“Leads don’t come by free. It comes as a reward by offering good content to your customers”

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