Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

While SEO is the process of ranking your site naturally, Search Engine Marketing or Paid Advertising is the contrary. It is a means to gain website traffic through the likes of “pay-per-click”. Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising fall under this umbrella.

This strategy is ideal for brands that want to rank in their identified keywords, or have their ads shown in the right target segments.

How it works

Our biggest advantage is our specialized marketing approach especially because most of the companies we work for have no previous experience in executing this strategy. Since we cater specifically to Safari companies in Africa, we don’t need to do the part where you tell us about your industry and where you want to rank for. A quick look at your website and we know exactly what to do.

Although there are a lot of platforms available to advertise, below are the most common
online advertising platforms used by local safari companies:

Google Adwords

Bing Ads

Facebook Ads

How It Works


For Google Adwords

  • We evaluate if your current website has ideal landing pages.
  • Select the keywords we will bid for via KEI (keyword effectiveness index). In other words, we determine what keywords you are likely to rank for at a reasonable cost
  • We will define a budget. Ideally, we suggest an average of 300 USD monthly budget and make adjustments from there based on results.

For Facebook Advertising

  • Select a goal: Increase likes, promote a post or make them visit your website
  • The landing page can either be your Facebook business page or your website
  • Choose an audience to show your ads based on their location and interests among others

What’s Included

  • We make the concept and strategy but you need to provide us the photos and sales information
  • If there are no optimized landing pages, we either create one within your website or make a temporary one through unbounce at an added cost

What to Expect

  • For Adwords, results can be measured by the number of clicks and impressions. We see exactly how many users clicked, where they are from, what keywords they use, etc… and then we track the no. of inquiries. If for example, there are lots of clicks but low no. of inquiries, we check our page and keyword combination to identify the cause and make adjustments until we find the setting that works.

Reports and Transparency

  • We track results and send actual reports
  • You decide on the budget and we put a fixed monthly service fee
  • You will have access in all the advertising accounts

Frequently Asked Questions


Before beginning a campaign, we will advise if you have the right landing pages, if your website has been optimized and indexed by Google, among other factors that affect the overall clickthrough rate. Our goal is for our link to get a click and for that click to turn into an inquiry. Once an inquiry has been sent, the conversion process, meaning whether that client will actually book, is entirely up to your sales team.


You need a properly audited site to ensure that your site confirms to Google standards. You need very targeted landing pages. Lastly, a reasonable budget to start the campaign. A budget of 50 USD per week is the minimum amount we recommend.


We do not suggest proceeding with Google Adwords or Facebook advertising without any proper landing pages. This will not only waste your resources but also undermine our credibility 🙂 It will simply not work. As an example, we cannot advertise a copy “Book our Great Migration Safari Tours” and then direct users to a general Tanzania page, or worst, Uganda safari page. This results in very low clickthrough rate and a more expensive pay-per-click cost. We can do proper landing pages for you (at an added cost) or we can give you free consultation on how to go about this and have your team execute.

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