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Let’s say you have an awesome website. That’s great BUT if none of your target clients can find it, then it’s pointless. That’s when SEO comes into the picture. We at Branded Africa specialize in doing SEO for African safari companies.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, when defined in the African Safari industry context, is the process of ensuring that your website is well-indexed in the directories of top search engines (Google and Bing) so your primary clients from the UK, USA, Asia, and other countries worldwide can find you when they search in Google or Bing using the following terms for example: Safari in Kenya, Safari Packages in South Africa, Top safari operator in Tanzania.

SEO is a complex process but in summary, both our Basic and Advance packages follow our 5-step process:

5 Step Process

Understand the Brand

Site Audit

Keyword Building

Content Creation and Link Building

Maintenance and monitoring

Understand the brand

  • In an industry where there are literally thousands of other players, how and where do you position your brand?


Site Audit

  • This checks the health of your website by looking at its set-up and eliminating issues such as duplicate content, broken links, slow page speed, and other technical issues.


Keyword Building

  • What keywords are we going to optimize for? Given that resources are limited, we want to focus on keywords that convert to leads.


Content Creation and Link Building

  • Produce relevant and optimized content about your brand and the safari industry. Articles that people will want to read, share, and link to.


Maintenance and monitoring

  • SEO needs to be sustained through continuous efforts of site audit and optimization, building an audience through quality content and links, and tracking your brand’s growth in the organic search results.

We have enumerated below the list of tasks for each stage applicable
for both packages.




per month

Minimum contract: 3 months
Price is per brand per month

• Site audit and optimization
• 5 keywords
• Optimize top 5 landing pages
• Rewrite top 5 pages to include keywords
• Image optimization
• Monthly content (2 blog articles/month)
• Social media setup and content creation (3 social media profiles)
• Link acquisition (3/month)
• Monthly SEO and social media report

Ideal for:
• Start-up and local brands with a smaller scope of target market
• Brands that want to kick-start their online presence.


per month

Minimum contract: 5 months
Price is per brand per month

• Site audit and optimization
• 10 Keywords
• Optimize top 15 landing pages
• Rewrite top 15 pages to include keywords
• Image optimization
• Monthly content (4 blog articles/month)
• Social media setup and content creation (5 social media profiles)
• Link acquisition (5/month)
• Rich snippet configuration
• Basic marketing strategy support
• Recommend blog topics to enhance usage of keywords
• Monthly SEO and social media report

Ideal for:
• Brands with a bigger scope of market (multiple countries)
• Brands with an average online presence who want to take a more aggressive approach

Package prices apply per brand and paid per month. Send us an email if you need a customized package.

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