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Expand your reach with no boundaries through Social Media.

In a recent study released by Global Digital Report 2019, it states that knowing how to post on social media is important as this is reflective of your brand personality.

Social media is increasingly being used as a customer service platform where customers and potential customers want answers quickly and in real-time.

Only 27%of social media user respondents will be prompted to purchase products after seeing behind the scenes content shared on brand social pages.

More and more consumers are engaging in social media for sales-related inquiries and customer service needs. Social media has now become a powerful tool not just to show off instagram-worthy photos but to engage and convert your audience.

Monthly Packages

All our packages include content strategy, scheduling, and posting. We will also optimize your profile as needed. You can literally sit-back and we will handle all the nitty-gritty stuff of social media.



per month


Posting 3/week
Follow / Unfollow
Visual Feed Design



per month


Posting 3/week
Follow / Unfollow



per month


Posting 3/week
Sharing to Groups
Boost Promotion*

*You need at least 1 new blog or video per month to avail this package.

Gain on the

  • Increase your engegement rates
  • Increase no. of followers via following/unfollowing
  • We use 3rd party applications to monitor best performing hashtags relevant to your business
  • We run paid campaigns from time to time

How it Works


Confirm which package you want to avail and pay via Paypal or bank transfer. We require minimum 3 mos. for each package. Our service will start on the following Monday upon receipt of payment.



While payment is on process, you can start sending us the credentials or give us admin access of your social media account.


At the same time, send us your materials such as photos or videos so we can go ahead with planning your content strategy. If you don’t have any materials, we can assist you to buy from resources. We advise clients not to pay for our service yet until you have arranged for the availability of your materials.



Relax and monitor progress. We will send a monthly report at the end of each month.

not included

  • Media resources such as photos and videos
  • Creation of content such as blog and videos
  • Responding to sales-related inquiries
  • Additional ad spend if you wish to promote a specific content
  • If you don’t have any content yet, we recommend for you to get started with our Content Management Package

With 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. With that number of users, it's no doubt that having a Facebook business page can help your reach and connect with your existing and potential customers.

However, as Facebook grows, so are the number of competitors using this platform. It is therefore important to keep your page regularly updated with relevant content that provides value to users so you can stand out from the pool of other players.

Instead of posting a cute elephant photo, post about the top parks in South Africa where they can expect to spot elephants; or perhaps highlight an excellent review from one of your customers; or share an intriguing news from National Geographic with your thoughts included. The point is not just to engage visually but intellectually as well.

Currently, Twitter has 126 million daily users. This is smaller than competitors' daily user counts, and its growth rate has declined or stalled in the last years. As business owners though, Twitter still plays an important role to engage with prospects and gain knowledge about your industry, competitors, and influencers within your niche.

Unlike Instagram that depends a lot on visuals, anyone can just tweet about anything, which still makes it easier to utilize- from latest memos banning plastic use in Tanzania to awards won by competitors, anyone can say things out loud.

Twitter may not work as a platform for direct-selling but it will allow you to keep your presence afloat, showcase your expertise in your field, and connect with both competitors and potential customers.

Instagram has 1 billion + monthly active users and an estimated 71% of US businesses are on Instagram in 2018. Whether Instagram is a fad or will continue to survive the tides of time, one thing is certain, your business has to have one.

Where most users use stories to share their daily shenanigans, as a business owner, you can utilize it to showcase your latest blog and videos. If you're an accommodation property with several lodges and camps, you can use Highlights to showcase your top properties and feature your amenities for each of them.

A lot of consumers not only engage in appealing photos and grids, they take action too and make direct inquires via direct messaging.

“Using social media helps you build the stories you tell with possible clients, and turn them into leads.

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